Apink Chuseok Photoshoot in Pink 2022

 Apink Chuseok is necessary to magnetize yourself with some natural water every time in a white glass with a maximum capacity of 20 cl. and a flat bottom, not a goblet and without promotional writings (the typical trattoria glass), by placing it for about an hour in the middle of the concentric circles of the graphic; after that, it is possible to drink the magnetized water on an empty stomach, as long as it is free of any food.

Perform this procedure three to four times each day for a month. After this month, you can retake the test to tweak your therapy until you achieve your goals for all of your holistic therapeutic purposes. The waveform of the graphic radionic circuit will restore the original magnetic charge of the colors during the day, so you can only use the graphic for the charge during set times of magnetization, or no more than 4 hours per day if you drink 4 glasses. You must magnetize the glass in a room with a white light source (never in a dark room).

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