BAEKHO Elegant Photoshoot by Dispatch

After being discovered by Pledis in 2010, Baekho joined as a trainee. After he was included in the music video “Play Ur Love” by After School, he attracted additional notice. When JR and Baekho made an appearance on KBS’s Hello Counselor in 2011, After School Kahi identified them as two of the group’s members.

This caught the viewers’ attention, making them a hot subject on the internet.  He is apprehensive about using the metro by himself. Donghohwes are his devoted followers. He leaves the dorm quite unkempt. Diabol is his Spoonz alter ego. A tiger is his emblematic animal. On June 21, 2017, a Naver user said that Kang Dong Ho had sexually abused her in middle school. By releasing pictures of their correspondence as well as a video of her contacting Baekho, she further demonstrated her familiarity with him. According to an official statement released by Pledis Entertainment on June 23, 2017, Kang Dong Ho knew the complainant because they were both from Jeju. The statement, however, asserted that the charge was untrue and that Pledis will bring legal action against the accuser.

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