Chalo Teledrama Actress Praveena Perera Hot Photos

Swarnawahini Chalo Teledrama is a telecast these days. This is based on a story about a village school and its students playing as a football team. Praveena Perera Full Name is Praveena Madhuki Perera .

Praveena Perera has the opportunity to play the role of a talented football player in this football team. Why Wisn plays that character very well and the audience response is very high. Praveena Perera’s name can be found by doing a Google search for Swaranawahini Chalo Teledrama.

She is also a prolific football player in real life. Praveena Perera wins as a school football player.

As an actress, Praveena Perera is currently attracting the attention of Sri Lankan youth. Praveena Perera also has a beautifully sexy look due to her cute look. Praveena Perera’s sporting prowess is also outstanding


Shalani Tharaka is the lead actress in the Chalo teledrama and Praveena Perera plays her supporting actress.

Today we bring you some hot sports photos of Praveena Perera. Praveena Perera is not married and the details of her Boyfriend are not revealed.

Praveena Perera Facebook is –
Praveena Perera is Striker at Sri Lanka women’s national football team She was Studies Sport Science and Management at Colombo School of Business & Management.  and sheLives in Gampaha,SriLanka

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