Mahinda Rajapaksa Private Secretary Kaushi Wedikkara Photos

Previous model and craftsman Kaushi Wedikkara Arachchi has been designated as a planning secretary (elect) to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Under her new arrangement, Kaushi will attempt her obligations on a privileged premise however won’t attract a compensation nor is she qualified for an office in the Temple Trees. As of now, Prime Minister Rajapaksa has an expected 10 privileged (voluntreer) Co-ordinating Secretaries while six officials have been selected as the authority Co-ordinating Secretaries to the Prime Minister who likewise hold workplaces in Temple Trees.

Kaushi Wedikkara filled in as a host at the main radio channel.

She accepted her arrangement letter as the PM’s Coordinating Secretary yesterday.

Her arrangement comes following confirmations made by the public authority last year that the individuals who get positions in the public authority would need to groups the essential capabilities.

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