Nadagamkarayo Sara wife Buwinika Anthony Photos

The second son of Jackson Anthony, a well-known Sri Lankan actor, announcer, and explorer, is SAJITHA ANTHONY, who plays the lead actor in the teledrama Nadagam Karayo.

Sajitha Anuththara Anthony is his full name. She has become popular among Sri Lankan teenagers as the character of Sara in the teledrama Nadagamkara

This is due to the popularity of actor SAJITHA ANTHONY and the beautiful appearance of Buvi Anthony. Below is a series of the latest photos from Hot Buwinika Anthony.


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Who is sajitha Anthony’s wife? Buwinika Anthony.

Buvi Anthony is a very sexy young lady. Videos added by SAJITHA ANTHONY and Buvi Anthony to YouTube and TikTok have received rave reviews. They are often transmitted virally in Sri Lanka.

SAJITHA ANTHONY’s wife’s name is Buvi Anthony. The two were recently married after a love affair. Buwanika Anthony is a very popular star on Instagram. The two of them are a wonderful match. Seems to spend a lot of time in love.

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