Sangeetha Sringeri Gorgeous Blue Dress

An Indian actress by the name of Sangeetha Sringeri (Sangithaa Srungeri), she is well known for her roles in Kannada serials and movies.

She began her career with the Star Suvarna Kannada series HaraHara Mahadeva. She is from Sringeri. She earned the moniker Sathi/Parvathi because to the epic tale. Later, she took part in the Super Jodi reality competition hosted by the same channel. In the A+ Kannada film released in 2018, she made her big-screen debut. In her second film, 777 Charlie, she plays the heroine opposite Rakshit Shetty. She has appeared in the ETV Telugu television series Thene Manasaulu in Telugu. He also appeared in the Hindi short film 1saw2 that can be viewed on YouTube.

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