Shalani Tharaka Latest 15 Instagram Photos

Shalani Tharaka School Challo


Shalani Tharaka Is One Of The Best Actress Figures In Sri Lanka. She Is So Popular That She Has 772k Followers On The Intercom So Far. Shalani Tharaka Is The Lead Actress In Several Teledramas Which Are Being Telecast These Days. Shalani Tharaka Plays A Schoolgirl In The Teledrama Swaranavahini Challo

Shalani Tharaka Instagram Name Is And Display As Ʂɦɑƚɑɲɨ Ʈɦɑɾɑƙɑ . She Has Been Mentioned On Instagram As An Actress-writer Lyricist Entertainer An Eternal Positive Thinker. But She Stands Out Most As An Actress. Shalani Tharaka Is Currently One Of The Highest-paid Actresses For A Teledrama In Sri Lanka. In The Recently Aired Agni Wings Teledrama, She Showed Great Acting Ability. She Also Acts As A Fashion Designer Among Young People

Shalani Tharaka Appears In A Commercial For Lux, One Of Sri Lanka’s Foremost Perfume Soaps. Appearing In An Ad With A Giant Company Like Lux Shows Her Fame As An Actress. According To Social Media, She Received Millions Of Rupees For The Ad. Shalani Is Not Only A Star Actress But Also A Model And A Tv Presenter. In Addition, She Has Appeared In Dance Reality Shows On Tv Reality Shows. Below Are The 15 Best Intercom Photos Of Shalani Tharaka

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